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2007 Cast

Avner the Eccentric in "Exceptions to Gravity"

A bald charmer in red suspenders, AVNER EISENBERG, the scene stealing title character of "Jewel of the Nile,"
is ultimately triumphant in his ongoing battle with any number of inanimate objects;
indeed, his props — in cahoots with varying physical forces, including the title one
— appear in the course of an hour and a quarter to stage a massive serial insurrection,
which the clown puts down with agility and patience. Certainly he earns the audience adulation
that he proceeds to conduct as if it were a guffawing symphony.
Avner is very good at what he does.
--Boston Phoenix

Avner the Eccentric, "Exceptions to Gravity"

Kenny Raskin

For the past fifteen years, KENNY RASKIN has made a name for himself as
a leading physical comedian both in the United States and Europe,
delighting audiences with a unique blend of theatrical pieces and clown characters.
He starred as the lead clown Everyman in Cirque du Soleil's universally loved Nouvelle Experience,
and originated the role of Lefou, the comic sidekick of the villain Gaston,
in the Broadway production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Kenny was also featured in Cirque du Soleil's 3D IMAX film entitled Journey of Man.
Kenny explores the comic possibilities inherent in seemingly simple tasks,
and injects an infectious sense of play into his performances,
creating a true two-way street between his audiences and himself.
The last few years has also found him to be a frequent player in the European Variete circuit,
performing in theatres such as the Wintergarten Variete in Berlin and the Apollo Variete in Dusseldorf.
Kenny also teaches workshops in clowning and physical comedy.

Kenny Raskin, "My Old Friend"

Bounce, OooLaLa and Daniel

The Performance of BOUNCE, OOO LA LA and DANIEL is an exhilarating Theatrical Smorgasbord
of Juggling, Unicycling, Globe Walking, Equilibristics, Music, Mime,
Puppetry, Stupid Human Tricks, Audience Participation and Comedy.

DANIEL GRANT MARGIL was born on a blue moon in Key West, Florida,
and has been performing since he was 11 weeks old.
Daniel is accomplished on rolling globe, rolla bola, drums and stand-up,
but considering his DNA we're not sure he has a choice.

Checkerboard Guy

The CHECKERBOARD GUY'S career has spanned more than two decades and four continents.
David Aiken credits his success to the fact that he loves what he does.
This love and joy for making people laugh transcends culture and language.
Hey, the fact that he can do his show entirely in English, French and Japanese,
and dabbles in Spanish and Korean also helps.
The ability to roll with the punches and leave them rolling in the aisles time and time again may explain why
The Checkerboard Guy is in such high demand wherever producers are interested in making people laugh!


For over 30 years, GAZZO has been mixing comedy, magic and British charm to provide a must see show. 
Gazzo offers shows performing close-up magic, walk around, or he can play to a full theater. 
Gazzo's astonishing feats, including his world-famous cups-and-balls routine, must be seen to be believed. 
Once seen, Gazzo's performance is never forgotten. 
Find out why people are raving about this legendary performer!

El Gleno Grande

Glenn Singer specializes in visual comedy using hilarious optical illusions illusions,
a dry delivery, and a warm conversational style.
EL GLENO GRANDE, his spoof of a circus equestrian act,
will have your audience laughing again every time they think about it.
Appeals to all ages, all around the world. Guaranteed to delight.
Touring at major International Festivals, Corporate Functions,
and in Theaters, Schools, and Universities on six continents since 1983.
"He brings such fun and originality to his show the crowd can do nothing but scream in helpless laughter."
     --Edmonton Journal

HBO Crew

You won’t believe your eyes.  The HBO CREW are a band of brothers and a sister
who turn music into movement in a way that has to be seen to be believed. 
They say there’s an energy crisis; not around these guys. 
They turn rhythm into candy for your eyes.

Judah Andrews

Contact juggling at its finest.

Judah Andrews, "Beans"

Squeeze the Clown

MEREDITH GORDON is an accomplished actor who, as Squeeze,
combines his experience from the stage with his juggling, musical, and improv skills to wow audiences.
Squeeze plays the accordion and ukulele; he juggles rings, clubs, balls and even torches.
(talk about a hot act!)
Balancing is a specialty for Squeeze. You name it and he can balance it on his face:
from chairs and ladders to pencils and spoons.  

Dr Tom Pierce

TOM PIERCE is a professional mime and actor who has toured nationally and internationally for over 25 years.
He studied mime, acting and children's theater at Florida State University.
He performs a style of mime that is primarily narrative, using illusionary mime technique,
masks, and clowning to communicate with his audience.
He has performed in schools, theaters, festivals, colleges, and churches
in 40 states and in Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Hong Kong, England, Mexico and Cuba.
Tom also performs during the summer months with his two sons, Zack and Aaron.

Dr. Juice

DR. JUICE, the Calypso Tumbler: "He's as comfortable in the air as on the ground.
Not governed by gravity, he just has a handshake relationship with the force
that keeps the rest of us in a constant state of anxiety."

Vincenzo Tortorici

For 15 years, Atlantans have laughed at VINCENZO TORTORICI in his careers as actor and puppeteer,
but primarily classical-style clown. In addition to his solo shows built around such alter egos as
Enzo the Red-Nosed Clown and the more verbose Bruno Machiavelli,
he's recently popped up at PushPush Theater's Samuel Beckett Short Play Festival,
and as the leading voice and sock puppeteer in the local indie film, "The Lady from Sockholm."

Mike & Angelo

There are very few musical styles with which JERRY “ZEE” is not familiar.
Jerry toured the country in the 70’s with proto-folk-rock, Rosewater Blue,
in the 80’s with country rockers "Mission Mountain Wood Band,"
and in the 90’s he toured in support of his award winning children's album, “Boogiewoogie Bullfrog.”
TIM SETTIMI’S career began in the streets as a mime / musician. He was discovered by the college market
where he was awarded Campus Performing Artist of the Year 6 years in a row
and his act grew to combine knockabout comedy with touchingly heartfelt mime.
As MIKE & ANGELO, Jerry and Tim have combined their skills to create something very new and yet very old,
like two boomer song and dance men.
There is something proto TV about them,
like Martin and Lewis visit the Land of the Louis...Armstrong, Jordan and Prima.

Mike & Angelo, "Blew By You"

Ron and Joel Anglin

RON AND JOEL ANGLIN in "Quite A Catch--"In 5 minutes he made me laugh, and then he made me cry.
That's what clowning is all about!"
--Michael Christensen, Founder of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program.
"A 2 person show that highlights teamwork and integrity and discourages cheating in a fun and unique way."
"RonJon received rave reviews in Savannah. You guys were great!
Usually the teachers want to leave the kids with the Fine Arts Staff. No teacher left!"
--V. Walker, Gadsden Elementary Arts Teacher

Quite a Catch

Atlanta Puppet

PETER AND MARY ANN HART make up the dynamic team of ATLANTA PUPPET.
  They are both listed as Approved Artists and their puppet programs have been approved by the
Georgia Arts Council, the Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs,
the South Carolina Arts Commission,
and Young Audiences of Atlanta, Inc.
Peter has long been regarded as one of the finest and skillful professional puppeteers in the South.
His exceptional talents have received praises from audiences at Walt Disney World/Epcot,
the Georgia Governor's Mansion, Six Flags Over Georgia, Centennial Park, the 1996 Olympics, and in Europe.
He has performed as Head Puppeteer in over 70 different professional puppetry productions
that have won 4 International Awards from UNIMA.
Mary Ann is a skilled professional performer whose talents include
puppetry, mime, theatrical movement, and the circus arts.
She is a Certified Instructor with the National Discipline Based Arts in Education Program (DBAE).

Chaplin, Reuben Haller

Clown musician REUBEN HALLER’S comic journey started like so many, as teacher.
Reuben taught Montessori in San Francisco before coming to Atlanta
where he has been a sought after children’s performer and a 7 Year Veteran
of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Groucho, "Baffle-O Bill" Smith

BILL SMITH first appeared on the Atlanta comedy scene as a founding member
of improv comedy trio "World Emergency Circus."
He has been a part of street performers festivals, in Edmonton, LA, Key West, Boston, and Baltimore.
After a stint at the Knoxville World's Fair, he wrote and produced for the Sweet Fanny Adams theater
in the Great Smoky Mountains. In that environment Bill became an entertainment jack-of-all-trades
from bar man to table top magic to stand up to one man band,
then 3 years at The Comedy Barn in Gatlinburg near Dollywood.
Bill has graciously agreed to lend his most excellent Groucho to these proceedings.

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