2007 Cast









Selected photos from the park.

"My family loved the performances. We laughed so hard and had a really good time on Sunday afternoon. We could only stay a few hours, but it was well worth it. My husband commented later what fantastic talent there was and kept saying "that was so much fun." I am usually the one to select the social stuff and it was a winner. To hear my 10 year old son laugh his cute giggle made my day. Even my teenage daughter...couldn't help but to smile and laugh throughout many of the performances. My mother-in-law loved every minute of it as well. We had 3 generations represented and it targeted everyone."--P. Fine

I was absolutely enthralled with StreetStage and had a completely enjoyable weekend.  The performers were excellent, and I felt like they really knew how to entertain and engage the crowds.  One of my measures of success was the number of folks that I saw in the morning each day and continued to see these same folks well into the afternoon.  To be able to retain these families for the better part of a weekend day is commendable.  Other festivals and events would kill for that kind of attention from their guests!--E. Kaplan

In the hospital.

And the theater.

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